Friday, February 23, 2007

weight-loss update

sorry I didn't post about this, earlier in the week, but I have not had great access to my blog this week because of the aforementioned computer problems.
I'm back on track with this fat ragamuffin thing and kickin' my weight-loss goal (80 lbs!) in the b-hole! I lost 5 pounds last week (the first week that I've been really hitting it every day in a while) and am feeling good. I'm on to stay this time (I hope) cuz the race for the cure is just around the corner!

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Mike Berk said...

I can't believe you said, "B hole!" So...I notice under your friends who blog you have DJ and Rev, and neither one of them has a blog anymore and I was looking for your "thoughtful blogger" pal, Mike, and he wasn't there so I assumed you must have him under "smart peeps." Apparently, not making the cut there either.

Way to go on the weight loss deal and also the race for the cure. We miss you guys!