Thursday, February 22, 2007

updates my booty!

so Sunday morning I strolled into my office at 7 am in an attempt to get everything ready for the services that lay ahead, when I noticed that windows had installed an update. "well great!" I said to myself. "I like updates, who doesn't like updates?"
So the geniuses at microsoft set it up so that my computer would restart on its own and that everything would be ready for me when I got there. Awesome. Except that now I can't connect to the internet, iTunes or our network at the church, from my office. Thanks a crap load Mr. Gates!
So I've spent the last couple days floating around and using the office of our Women's Pastor while she's at a conference and apparently this thing is getting fixed.
I am unable to burn CDs for my choir or access some of the files on my network. To sum it up, Windows has not made my life easier.
don't worry though, my five year plan to convert the entire office to Macs is in effect. In the mean time, maybe I can find a typewritter that works around here.

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DJ said...

May God be gracious to your office and grant Macs before 5 years! How's that for a blessing?