Wednesday, February 28, 2007

my bad

today, a little birdy told me that I have some links that are no longer accurate and that I had not fully spread around the link love that I should of. This thoughtful reader and relatively new blogger indicated that something seems missing from my blog by not having him there. So I offer this blog as a formal appology and ask that you all check out the newest addition to my "friends" section, Mike. Aside from being the guy that deserves the most credit for teaching me how to be a Christian, he also married Jenn and me. He and his wife, also named Jen, have been actively involved in my life and my growth. So to not have him in my link list is to not do justice to the entire linking system. I appologize. So without further delay, I give you (long dramatic pause)... Mike.

1 comment:

Mike Berk said...

That's more like it, Paul. What do I have to do to make "smart peeps?"