Saturday, September 22, 2007

I'm moving

well at least my blog is. You can find all the wonders of this little blog and many more upgrades at please change your links and come check it out. I'm still working out some design stuff, so be patient as it looks kind of plain now, but it'll get better for sure.

Friday, September 21, 2007

When Jenn and I were searching for a church to hire me, we spent 10 months learning what we were looking for. We felt like we wanted to be in a place where we could be involved in other areas of ministry in addition to music and in particular, we wanted to be involved in missions. Well ask and you shall receive I suppose because now, Jenn and I are going, with 10 other people from our church to the horn of Africa. In January we're taking off for two weeks and helping missionsaries that are already there impact the lives of the people there. It's really exciting. Perhaps the coolest part of this whole thing is that a bulk of the team is made up of people from our Worship and Arts department here at the church. Three of the guys from the band and two singers are going which is incredibly exciting. Because of the make up of the team, the name of our trip is "Rock the Horn '08." I'm pretty excited about it so I thought I'd share the logo with you, which was designed by one of the guys on the team, named Justin. We've got a long way to go with support raising and preparing spiritually and culturally, but it's going to be an exciting time for sure!

Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Chick fight wii style

So Friday night, Jenn and I got to hang out with our friends Micah and Erica. We hit up the Olive Garden, had some laughs and then went back to their place to, of all things, play video games. Micah and Erica just bought a wii and so we went to check it out. You must understand that my wife is not a video game player. She doesn't get, doesn't do it and has never had an interest...until now. We boxed, bowled, tennised and raced all night having a great time. Check out what happens when my wife and Erica go toe to toe on wii boxing.

Friday, September 14, 2007

Internet People

So I saw this video today about people made famous by the Internet. I'm not sure what's worse; that there are this many people who have garnered notoriety by sitting in front of a web cam, or that I actually get a majority of these references.

Thursday, September 13, 2007

Actor turned Pastor?

Did you guys know taht Joel Osteen was in Captain Ron?

Wednesday, September 12, 2007

I love Wednesdays

My weekly schedule is a little different than most. I work Wednesday through Sunday and take Monday and Tuesday off. Generally speaking it's pretty nice. Every Monday and Tuesday I can soak in two full days off and get to do things around the house without having all of the "Saturday" things to do. I can have dinner ready for Jenn when she gets home (sometimes) and I can do things like rearrange our bedroom. All-day projects aren't really possible for me on a Saturday when it's the one day I have between Friday and Sunday to get things done, so my schedule works out pretty well. The only bummer has been that Wednesday, my first day back was meeting day. Starting at 9:30 and going almost non-stop until 3:00 I would be in meetings. It would be possible for me to come in on a Wednesday and not be able to sit down and work in my office until 3:00! So, today, I am basking in the glory of having no meetings. We've changed around the schedule so that our meetings are on Thursdays which allows me the freedom to get settled into the week and actually prepare ahead of time for things like choir practice, band practice or this Sunday. As I'm typing this, I have just become aware that I am talking about how great it is that no meetings on Wednesday allows me to work and I'm using it to blog. Maybe that means I ought to get back to work.

Saturday, September 08, 2007

Clara and Nora

Some of you may know, but my sister, Alison, and her husband, Craig, recently had twin girls. So I wanted to introduce you all to my two new nieces, Clara and Nora. We got to hang out with the whole family over Labor Day and these two are pretty awesome. I mean they don't do tricks or anything, but I'm pretty sure they're geniouses. Problem runs in the family.

Ok...I'm back

So after two months and change, I am feeling bloggy again. Now, there are some of you who were, let's say, pleasantly persistent, asking me to post again; Well, here you go. I'd like to point out some changes in this here blog, as I've been doing a little house cleaning. You'll notice that I'm focused a little more on linkage now. If you read this thing, I'd love to know it and be able to link you. If you go to Clovis Hills, then I definetely want to know about it so I can put you on here! I won't make any promises, like I have in the past, about my posting activity. What I will do is say that I've enjoyed the break and am excited to be a regular blogger again. You can look for some new elements to my little corner of the blogging world that will, hopefully make you want to stop by on a regular basis!