Saturday, February 10, 2007

life in the middle

I was reading a buddies blog the other day and it got me thinking that I have a hard time hanging out in extremes. Politically, theologically, methodologically, etc. When it comes to life, I tend to hang out in the middle. Particularly on this whole emergent church thing. I'm going to a conference in June where Brian McLaren is speaking and though I want to write him off as some nut job, I really dig a lot of what he has to say. I've heard some talks from him and he gives a call for the church to be community focused, to be missionally minded and to jump in the ring on social issues. Can't argue with that right? The more I hear him talk, though, the less I hear him talk about Jesus and though, giving him the benefit of the doubt as a pastor and Christian leader, I assume that he is passionately in love with Jesus. I sometimes feel like he leads with Christ-like principles rather than leading with Christ. I have friends on both sides of the how- do-we-do post-modern ministry debate, whom I love and respect, and while I admire their passion and convictions on much of these issues, I still find myself somewhere in the middle. What do I know anyway right? I wonder if McLaren would have lunch with me at this conference. That'd be pretty cool huh? I probably couldn't understand a lot of what he has to say though (he's pretty smart. I'm not that bright). I think I'll just stick to loving Jesus, leading others in worship of Him and care passionately about people and things that God cares about. What do you think? Maybe these will explain both sides: Chuck Colson Emergent - The group Brian McLaren is very involved with

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