Thursday, May 31, 2007

this is my 100th post

I know some of you veteran bloggers may scoff at a measley 100 posts. You may think that to only post 100 times in about a year is pitiful. "It's barely twice a week." you may say, or you might quip, "How can you be serious about blogging and it take you this long to hit the magic 100?" Well it was hard for me so BACK OFF!! Anyway, I was just about to write and check in since it has been a ridiculous amount of time since I blogged last and then blogger notified me that I have written 99 posts making this one number 100. Man that was a long messy sentence. 100 blogs is a big deal I think. I started this thing about a year ago and have been reasonably faithful to it, which if you know me is a big deal (I'm a good starter, not a good finisher). I've been learning a lot about myself this year along these lines; finishing things. I've been reasonably successful at accomplishing some of my goals this year and would like to continue that process. Here's what's on tap. You all can help keep me accountable. 1)I am stuck (still on 40 pounds lost). I go back and forth between feeling really good about it and feeling like I could have been a lot farther. No more guilt though, I'm back on the wagon. It was this time last year that I started this crazy little weight loss game and I aim to finish it. 2) I am going to run in the race for the cure in Fresno in October. It's a 5k which shouldn't be too bad, but I get tired driving that far, so I'm hoping to survive a summer of training in the Central Valley heat. 3) Our church is poised to see some pretty amazing growth happen starting this fall with thousands of families excpected to move in all around us. It means that our church is positioned to really meet people's needs and connect with all of these young families. It also is an opportunity to get that much better in what I do, which means recruiting more musicians, creating three really solid bands as opposed to one band made up of 20 interchangable musicians and hopefully taking our act on the road a little bit in the next year doing conferences, retreats, camps and things like that. With all that going on, the next 100 posts are sure to be exciting! Thanks for reading and stay tuned for all of the haps coming up. by the way. It has been about the busiest I've ever been in my life and I am now officially (well almost) on top of it, which means that I'll be setting aside more time to blog. My goal is every day; Content drives readership!