Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Fresno? Fres-yes!

Well, after a long weekend of packing, cleaning, loading, cleaning again, driving, sleeping, waking up, unloading, putting stuff away and then shopping, we are almost completely moved in. All that's left to make this place feel like home is selling, cleaning, throwing away, a lot of sleeping, a little picture hanging and some orientating (that's not really a word, but I'm going with the “ing” thing here). We had so many friends and family help us that we got done with all the hard heavy stuff in an hour or so in LA and here in Fresno. Thank you to all of those that came and helped. It was awesome. It's just one more reminder of the amazing community we have left. I don't quite think it's hit yet, just how much we're going to miss our friends from LA, so for all of you perspective Fresno friends, if Jenn or I burst into tears at a moment's notice, please give us a little grace. I start work on Friday, Jenn's got an interview this afternoon for her job and I'm playing this Sunday. After all this time I am so excited that we are here and that we can start. Praise God for new adventures and for incredible methods of communication to keep in touch with good friends!


Alisha said...

We miss you guys too! Can't wait to come up on the 17th and see the new place. We'll be praying as you start this week - you're going to do awesome.

RevyRev said...

Booyeah Paul. Make sure you update your blog often cuz i want to be in the Haugen loop.

Alison & Craig said...

Welcome to the Valley! We plan to see lots of you, so you won't get too lonely. We're excited about your new adventure and know you'll do great things. Love you both!