Tuesday, August 22, 2006

A new kind of preacher

So I've been listening to a couple of podcasts lately. Matt Chandler and Mark Driscoll are pastors of churches that are an interesting combination of postmodern awareness and reformed theology. These guys are awesome! They have built and lead churches that love people and love each other. I have been so grieved by much of the emergent church becasuse, while their methods for "doing church" have changed and adapted to meet the needs of this culture, they have also twisted and adapted scripture to meet the needs of their methodology. The dangers of "emergent liberalism" are incredible so it is nice to have guys like these two that will stand firm on theologically and doctrinal issues, but do not have dead orthodoxy, refusing to change methods or practices. Their podcasts are their weekly sermons and are available on iTunes.


RevyRev said...

I will have to listen to some of Matt Chandler's sermons. I definally am a Driscoll fan.

I don't know anybody who can make make me want to laugh and repent at the same time like Driscoll does.

dj4cpp said...

Mark Driscoll makes me giddy. I will check out Chandler; how did you hear about him again Paul?

Dude, I am reading "Radical Reformission" and it is so dang funny and convicting. It is gonna be a classic in the Jenkins library I think.