Wednesday, August 02, 2006

A theology for the emergent church

I was reading Rhett Smith's Blog today and he had a link for Dr. Ray Anderson's new book, An Emergent Theology for Emerging Churches. I have never heard of Dr. Anderson, and his book just came out, so I am not sure what is deal is. However, I read his "guest blog" on Rhett Smith's blog and was pleased to find the first commentary on the emergent church, or what it should be that was completely about Jesus! Enjoy.
What has Antioch to do with Jerusalem? Guest blogger: Ray S. Anderson ...This is why I argue that we must recover an emergent theology, not merely explore the edges of an emerging church in its attempt to make the message culturally relevant. Here is my case: An emergent theology is messianic. That is, it is a theology that is anointed and Spirit-led to point the way forward. An emergent theology is like the finger of John the Baptist, pointing into the world and saying, "Here is the lamb of God" (John 1:29). Emerging churches are missional. That is, these are churches that only exist as the continuing mission of Christ (the Messiah) in the world. Emerging churches are like Jesus arising out of the water of baptism, anointed by the Spirit, and moving into the streets and market place to heal, promote justice and seek peace. An emergent theology is revelational. It is a theology of the Word; it is the bread come down from heaven; it speaks truth and opens minds and hearts. Emerging churches are reformational. They seek to put new wine into new wineskins; they want to renew the church that already exists and translate the older formulas of the faith into new paradigms of contemporary communication. An emergent theology is Kingdom coming. It is a theology that proclaims a new order of God's reign already present as a transforming spiritual, social and economic power of liberation and rehabilitation of humankind. Emerging churches stress Kingdom living. They seek to be the gathering of all who seek the blessing of being 'grace-filled' believers and the empowering community that sends them forth as Spirit-filled disciples. An emergent theology is eschatological. It has the mind of the risen and coming Christ as well as the heart and soul of the historical Jesus. It is a theology that keeps hope alive by preparing the way of the future into the present while, at the same time, keeping faith alive by "looking forward to the city that has foundations, whose architect and builder is God" (Hebrews 11:10). Emerging churches are incarnational. Their language is that of the people; their message is communicated through culture; their presence in the world is ordinary so as to get within arms length to embrace others with extraordinary love.
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DJ said...

Interesting stuff man, I read that blog entry and it was pretty interesting, but a little confusing as well. But the stuff I love about the emergent "conversation" is the church being "incarnational" and entering into the culture that they are in to communicate the never-changing truths of the gospel, the missional focus of every believer reaching out to those around them and not being program-driven in evangelism, and some other stuff too. Good stuff. Do you plan to read this book?

I was reading around the other day bro and saw this review on Brian McLaren's new book called "The Secret Message of Jesus".

I haven't read the book, which I think I might just so that I get it right from the horse's mouth, but McLaren really worries me bro. I am afraid he is not preaching the gospel anymore. And I am worried that he is so influential in the emergent movement. Anyway, check it out yourself, let me know what you think.

DJ said...

If that link doesn't work here is the whole thing:

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can't wait to hang out...

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