Tuesday, August 08, 2006

How's this for cool?

So I have a buddy named Micah. He and I went to High School together, and have been friends through college, though we haven't kept in touch as much as I would have liked (probably mostly my bad). We were in a Vocal performance group together (okay, it was a Christian Boy Band), and for some reason the Lord keeps intertwining our lives. When I called Micah to tell him I was getting married he said, so am I (and on the same weekend no less). I went to college in LA and then a year later, where should he end up, but Malibu. So as Jenn and I were in the job search process I asked Micah a few times if he had any thoughts (he had recently searched and found a job in Whittier at a Church there). And then the Lord did it again. I told Micah we were moving back to the "No" (Fresno) and he just laughed as he told me of the direction God was moving them and that the same weekend I was in Fresno interviewing at Clovis Hills, Micah was interviewing at New Harvest and he and his wife Erica have accepted the job. It's pretty stinkin' cool the way God does things. I'm lookin' forward to grabin' some coffee with my friend and talking about Jesus, ministry and loving people. You can check out Micah and Erica's blog right here

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