Saturday, September 08, 2007

Ok...I'm back

So after two months and change, I am feeling bloggy again. Now, there are some of you who were, let's say, pleasantly persistent, asking me to post again; Well, here you go. I'd like to point out some changes in this here blog, as I've been doing a little house cleaning. You'll notice that I'm focused a little more on linkage now. If you read this thing, I'd love to know it and be able to link you. If you go to Clovis Hills, then I definetely want to know about it so I can put you on here! I won't make any promises, like I have in the past, about my posting activity. What I will do is say that I've enjoyed the break and am excited to be a regular blogger again. You can look for some new elements to my little corner of the blogging world that will, hopefully make you want to stop by on a regular basis!


Victor Estrada said...

Hey Paul, thanks for linking over. Keep up the blogging, its great for getting to know new people and for letting them get to know you. h

Jon Lloyd said...

Welcome back Paul.. it's about time! :)

Shalene said...

Welcome back Paul! I'll assume that you didn't actually forget to add me to your Clovis Hills links, and that you just didn't know the name of it, so here it is. :) My link is and the title is A Proverbs 31 Woman Wannabe. I look forward to reading your blog, and hope you find time to blog regularly, but not so much that you overload again. Bless you dude! :)