Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Chick fight wii style

So Friday night, Jenn and I got to hang out with our friends Micah and Erica. We hit up the Olive Garden, had some laughs and then went back to their place to, of all things, play video games. Micah and Erica just bought a wii and so we went to check it out. You must understand that my wife is not a video game player. She doesn't get, doesn't do it and has never had an interest...until now. We boxed, bowled, tennised and raced all night having a great time. Check out what happens when my wife and Erica go toe to toe on wii boxing.


Micah said...

dude, i'm stickin' out my tongue!

Dana said...

Dude! Wii, Schmii. Guitar Hero III is coming out for Mac and that's ALL that matters!