Friday, April 27, 2007

the nickname game is on

PDub? I'm not sure. that's what is in the lead so far for my new nickname. Here's the thing though. I don't really feel comfortable saying, "ok, that's the winner, that's my nickname." there's something disingenuous about that. So the real winner is when I start getting called something. So if you see me on a regular basis and you think I should be called something like Pauly Haug-O-licious, you've got to make it happen. If you're embarassed to say it, that's a good gauge that I'd be embarassed to be called it. You all make the call though!


Alison-Big said...

Are you saying you don't like being called "Paul-Small" by your big sis? Maybe that's best kept between us....oops. Sorry.

Mike Berk said...

Actually, Haug, (can I call you Haug?) for a brief time period, I, Mike Berk had a nickname. There was a time and place for it and it stuck with a select few people and I actually liked it, though it would be out of place in other contexts and so I will refrain from repeating it here lest it catch on like a wildfire and all of your faithful readers begin to call me by that one particular name. But otherwise, you're right. i don't even like it when people call me Berk. I'm Mike. Thanks.