Thursday, April 26, 2007

give me a nickname

Okay, so here's the deal. I was talking with a Liz and Rhonda last night after choir practice and realized that I am un-nicknamable (that's right, it's a word, at least it is now). Throughout my life I have given people nicknames that have stuck without getting one back. I have been around other nickname givers who I would say are in the same boat. For those of you who know him, what do you call Mike Berk? See, you can't do it. Here at the church there are people named DMac, Kmac, DCam, DLove, what am I supposed to be called, PHaug? Come on, let's get serious. So I'm throwin' down the nickname gauntlet. Here are the rules: 1) The name has to stick! 2) It has to be something that people will embrace and that I would be proud of as well, otherwise you're just laughing at me and that's not cool. 3) It has to be creative (for years I was called just by my last name, which worked, but come on, that's not a nickname. I contend that it can't be done! Prove me wrong!


thefury said...

As a teenager growing up in Minnesota "The State of Hockey", all the hockey players had a very simple formula for giving nicknames: take the first syllable of your last name and add a y to it. I would be Melly (which sounds a lot like my last name anyway) you would be Haugy, and then as people would call you that over and over it would evolve... maybe into something like huggy. Then people would be like Huggy Bear, or Huggins, or just Hugs. But from the start (being a hockey player) it would definitely make you sound like a major tool. Sorry Haugy. Thems the rulz.

Micah Foster said...

Personally, I always liked Pauliwog, but I know you don't like that one.

How about P-Diddy, oh wait, that's been done.

How about PH, nah, you're not balanced for a woman.

P-Dub, cuz you graduated from C-Dub and Dub stands for your middle initial. Yes, that's my submission.

Tracie said...

I don't know you, but what about Pauly? Sure, not very original, but whatever.

Anonymous said...

That is so funny that Micah would say "P-Dub", because that is exactly what Rhonda came up with last night...and again because of your middle name starting with a "W". I think we have a winner..and I think you said that you liked that name too last night... so who wins Micah or Rhonda?? and what do they win???

Later P-Dub!

Paul Haugen said...

I'm not sure that either wins. remember, it's gotta stick.

Dana said...

Well, everyone calls me by my first initial. Dee. So we could do that with you but "Pee" doesn't quite capture your personality. And it looks bad written down.

I vote for Pauly Haug-o-licious!

Anonymous said...

you could be Mike B, or Berk, or ike, or bike, or something fun like that