Friday, April 13, 2007

I was lame. Now I'm back.

I have not posted since March 9th. That is a month long absence from the blogosphere and I confess I have not minded so much. There are good reasons for not blogging, like planning my wife's surprise birthday party, planning and rehearsing for Easter, my in-laws coming in to town and a whole mess of other things. needless to say, it has been pretty busy around here. However, I am back and badder than ever(okay, I'm probably not badder than ever, I just kind of wanted to say that)! Anyhoo, I thought if I was going to jump back in I needed to do it with both feet. I needed to write about something that has some bite to it ya know? So where do I go when I need to find something good to write about? I steal it from Dana. He sent me this email and I decided taht this would be what pushed me back to the blogspot. Enjoy. Imagine you are a veterinarian working at a local zoo in Taiwan. You're going about your day; enjoying life; working with animals and living out your dreams. Just as you are thinking "my life can't get any better" you go to feed one of those beloved creatures and BAM!!! A friggin' crocodile bites your stinkin' arm off!! Okay, working at a church during Easter is not that bad.


Alison said...

Yeah, but as Kelly Rippa said, "who drew the short straw and had to go in and get the arm?" (because, it was reattached to the guy's body!).

I missed you, lil bro!

alisha J said...

Glad to have you back to the world of blogging ... I just followed your lead! :) Hope you guys are doing well.