Wednesday, January 03, 2007

Welcome to 2007!

So I realize, it's been 2007 for a few days already, but I'm going public with my New Year's Resolutions! Not resolutions so much, but things that I'm trusting God for. 2006 was incredibly hard and yet so satisfying and sweet. For 10 months I looked for a job and went through the roller coaster of where would God have Jenn and I, and then Clovis Hills came around! This year Jenn and I were forced, more than ever, to trust in and lean on Jesus. This year was not just about finding a job, but it was about growing in Him and crossing the bridge between chapters of our life. So now that we're here and firmly planted in Clovis, I figure it's time to write out some of the things that I want to trust God for this year. 1) Finding a creative outlet of my own - I have loved the opportunity that being a worship leader gives me to be creative. I have been able to focus soley on music and more specifically worship. I've been writing a ton and becoming a better musician, but this year I'm hoping to find an avenue for doing my own music, seperate from the church. 2) I want to see Clovis Hills become a worshipping church. I'm trusting God that people who come on Sunday will feel freedom to respond to the Lord in worship. I'm not talking about dancing or clapping for the sake of it, but that we'd see genuine responses to who God is. 3) This is the year we get out of debt. The plan is in motion and if God keeps providing the funds, we'll be debt free be the end of this year. 4) I want to lose 80 pounds. I've lost 30 and, though the holidays were rough, I've maintained pretty well. Now it's time to kick it in the booty and start dropping the pounds. 5) I want to see real depth in my relationships with people here at the church. I'm pretty good at keeping things surfacy, but we've been here long enough that it's time to persue genuine relationships. I think that's it. Not asking too much right? I've got a year.

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