Thursday, January 25, 2007

My church is better than your church!

Tuesday nights are great for me. A few of the guys from the band come over to my place and we have a little bible study (we're in Luke). Because of a prayer request of mine we got to talking about competition amongst churches. I wonder how many churches in this area feel like we're in competition. Do we think we're better than them? Do they think they're better than us? The funny part of this is that before joining staff here at Clovis Hills, I was involved with Campus Crusade for Christ (an interedenominational, college ministry focused on evangelism and disciplship) and we always thought no church did it right! So if my church is working to be better than yours and your church is working to be better than mine and parachurch orginizations think we all suck, then who's caring about lost people? Who friggin' cares what other churches are doing? What if churches were focused on fulfilling their calling and reaching lost people and were genuinely happy for other churches when God blessed them? College students think we are too churchy, some people in our church think we're not churchy enough and all the while people still need Jesus. I'm so glad to be on staff with people who don't get caught up in that and who are surrendering their lives to work at fulfilling the call God has given us.

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RevyRev said...

I don't know if your church is better than mine. My Pastor does a wicked Lord's Supper.