Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Jesus Camp

So there's been some buzz about this new movie coming out, Jesus Camp. Personally, I'm a little freaked out by it. I'm not talking about just the 8 year olds in Jesus'army or the rolling around on the floor should kids be catching the "Holy Ghost" stuff. I'm mostly freaked out by this one hommie's mullet. Take a look at this trailer and tell me that's not the freakiest mullet you've ever seen.

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RevyRev said...

Serious that mullet is freaky!

There are a lot of things that freak me out about old school conservatives like that

Here are examples of things that freak me out about these brothers in Christ:

1. The end times involves "Flying Naked People" (A.K.A. the Pretribulation Rapture)

2. Atheistic-Israel has always been on The God Squad

3. End-Times conferences are cooler than ones on culture and evangelism

4. America is God's special nation destined to bring about the restoration of Israel

5. Storing canned food and learning how to raise your own chickens is a good way to prepare for the end times.