Saturday, September 30, 2006

Celebrating in style

Well, as of this past Monday I am done with college. I had to finish up one more class here in Fresno to be done and I have done it. So after quite an up hill climb, in the words of Jesus, "it is finished" (though He may have meant that in a slightly different context). Anyway, college was something I was not prepared for after high school. I just kind of didn't want to be there and after a couple of years of me not going to class, Cal Poly Pomona didn't want me to be there either. The last chapter of my life, therefore has been about figuring out who I am, becoming a finisher and realizing that if I want to live my life for Christ, I need to take advantage of opportunities like school in order to have greater influence. Anyway, I am (with the exception of a couple of tests) officially a finisher. It feels great to be done and for the first time since I was five, I don't have homework. What a relief. Today, Jenn and I will head up to Sacramento to celebrate with my parents and my sister and brother-in-law. We are going to have dinner tonight in Sac-to and then tomorrow we will head to San Francisco to see Barry Lamar Bonds and the Giants take on the hated Dodgers in the final game of the season. Growing up, I went to Candlestick Park (the Giants old stadium) a lot, but have never been to Pac Bell, err, SBC, err, AT&T Park. I've heard it's amazing and I can't think of a better way to celebrate than to be there. Let's just hope Barry goes yard. Now that would be celebrating in style!

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Micah said...

Sweet! Congrats man! Thats you walk (in a ceremony) or anything?