Monday, October 30, 2006

Back on Track

Okay, here's a little about me. When I went to college, I was looking for something. Satisfaction, success, joy, something. Whatever it was, I didn't find it in the places I was looking and so to compensate, I ate. I ate a lot. Over the course of my first two years in school I gained somewhere between 70 and 80 pounds. I slept a lot, then ate, missed class and ate some more. The last few years have been about realizing where joy is truely found, Jesus and learning how to live a life in pursuit of that. The last deed to undo from that period of my life is the weight, so in June I started counting points on the weight watchers program. Before moving, I lost 34 lbs! I was eating healthier and feeling great. I dropped pant sizes, shirt sizes and felt like I was on the road to healthiness. The process of moving though, made it easy to level off and being in transition was a good excuse. We've been in Fresno now for 2 months and it's safe to say that the transition is over. Last week I was watching my weight again and as of today, weigh in day, I lost 4 pounds! I'm down to 38 lbs lost and am now inviting all of you to be a part of the process. I weigh in every monday morning and will try my best to post the results. My goal is 80 lbs and I'm almost half way there.


Alisha J said...

That's awesome Paul! Keep it up. I'm working on getting going again. I said this week but it's been hard already ... your inspiring me :) I'm going to count points again starting tomorrow.

Thanks for sharing your wife with us down south this last weekend - it was awesome to see her again!

Dana said...

Awesome bro, I'll be praying for you!

Weight loss is a tricky thing, but in my experience (I lost about 35 pounds a few years ago on this plan: which I still live by), It really boils down to two rules... 1.) Burn more energy than you take in. 2.) Take in the right balance of nutrients.

I know it's hard to discipline ourselves, but then again, discipline is a major component of our faith is it not?

You'll do it man. And if you want to run with me, let me know!

RevyRev said...


That is awesome man. Bro thinking back a couple of years i'm glad that you are seeing success.

Keep blogging bro i love reading what is going on.

Alison-Big said...

I'm so proud of you, Paul-Small. You'll live up to that nickname in no time! I'm here to support you every step of the way. Love you!

Mike said...

Hey Paul! I haven't checked in for a while. I wanted to respond to your Tozer post but it wasn't working so...Way to go in getting after the 80 lbs!

I hope you guys are well. We'd love to hear from you.

Anonymous said...

Haugen Dazs, Good job my brotha. I hope you meet your goal and then some. Keep up the good work.