Monday, June 11, 2007

Crazy times keep gettin' crazier

So this weekend has been insane. On Saturday we had a party to celebrate my mom being Breast Cancer free for 5 years. It was a big day. We called it the pink party, so everyone, including myself wore pink. I know what you're thinking; "Paul, how can someone as cool as you rock a pink shirt?" Well don't worry dear friends, I did and it looked sweet. Okay, anyway. The party was up in Oakhurst and was crazy with family from all over the country, and friends. My sister, Alison was the brains of the operation and her and Jenn threw down a pretty sweet get together. My brother did a video slideshow (made on a mac, thank you very much) and I wrote a song and sang it for my mom. All in all I'd say we're pretty fantastic kids. If that wasn't enough we had church on Sunday where a transformer blew at the start of 2nd service. The power was down for only a couple minutes as our crack technical team rolled right through, but it was long enough to make things awkward, as Kimberly and I tried to yell from the stage to keep people entertained. After church we had a rehearsal for next week's service, because I'll be gone all week in Chicago at the Willow Creek Arts Conference. Today I went over to Dana's and laid down some vocals for a song we're working on for our upcoming "Heroes" series. Now I'm helping Jenn get ready for summer school, sending out a few last minute emails and trying to find time to pack for a few days in Chi-town. Oh the insanity! This summer is going to be pretty break-neck as well with rolling out some vision for the fall (music wise), recording, conferences, a much needed vacation and two series where our pastor will be gone. I think I need a nap.


Micah Foster said...

sounds crazy...i bet you're excited about the conference though!

see you later today!

thefury said...

I love your occasional addition of the clipart. Very church bulletin of you. You know if this worship leader thing doesn't pan out, there's always a future for you in the church secretary world.