Friday, July 07, 2006

Anyone looking for a job?...NOT ME!

Well, after nearly 10 months of searching and praying and wondering if the Lord wanted Jenn and I to pursue this crazy worship thing, I have found the perfect job in an unlikely place. Clovis Hills Community Church in Clovis, Ca (the neighboring town of Fresno, where I grew up) has offered me the job of music director, which I am very excited about. It is amazing to me how the Lord provides. Over the last few weeks I was realizing more and more that I probably just need seasoning at a small church and maybe need to work part time for a little while, but God has taken care of me. This job is full time, an opportunity to work with a great staff who cares about helping me grow and developing me more as a leader. It means working with a tremendous group of volunteer musicians ( I was blown away by their band) and it's a situation where I'll be able to grow as a musician and worship leader, without the pressure of leading worship every week. I will be in charge of the music department, rehearsing bands, auditioning people and working on the creative arts team which has a couple of stellar people already on it. I start in September and the more I think about it, the more blown away I am that the infinte God of the universe who is so vast and big is at the same time passionately concerned with me and my wife and desires that we are in a great situation. And that He would take us through this process of finding the perfect fit, which I believe this is. I confess though that I am a little overwhelmed at the size of this thing and self-doubt begins to creep in more and more. It is however, an opportunity to lean wholly on Jesus and trust Him with everything, which is a great place to be.


Alisha said...

Congratulations (again) Paul! You are going to do great :) We know what church we'll be going to now when we are in Fresno. We are so excited for you guys.

RevyRev said...

Congrats Paul!

Sounds like an awesome job bro.

I rememeber you always cracking the fresno jokes. Now the jokes are you brother. Can anyone say, "ironic providence"?

But more important is that God has blessed you with an opportunity to use your gifts for his glory in the local church. How awesome is that!? From what you discribed it seems like a opportunity to excercise your gifts. I'm happy for your and Jen. You will have to tell me more.


Los said...

Great church Paul. Kimberly is a good friend of mine. Let her know I said hi.

Jen O said...

Congrats, Paul. That's so great!

Micah said...

I just found yar blog...check out can click on my profile and see my diff. blogs.

See you in Fres-Yes